Lewis Nash will perform April 7

Lewis Nash embodies the essence of a jazz musician in today's world.  His depth of swing is reminiscent of the old jazz drum masters yet he's the go-to drummer for the latest generation of players.  He maintains his personal sound whatever the band or style of music..    He'll perform at the Square Room on April 7.  

We're still working on our documentary film about jazz in Knoxville.  As with most things, the two things we're short of is time and money.  We could especially use money to license the music we associate with Rocky and Billy and all the other local legends.  Take a look at this trailer and if you decide you have a few dollars to spare, click on the button below.  We appreciate every dollar you give.

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Did you know that when you buy a specialty license plate for $1 more than a regular license plate, that dollar goes to support the arts in Tennessee? 



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